Earth Friendly

We at Parkii Organic Skin Care are extremely concerned with the future of our Mother Earth. It’s common knowledge that our beautiful Earth our Home is being abused, loss of habitat, pollution, exploitation beyond being reversible. We research and choose systems to diminish the destructive impact on the environment. Our Earth Friendly packaging material takes the least energy to recycle. Saving approximately 12,000 BTU’s, our packaging is the only plastic that is 100% recyclable.

Our Earth Is Our Home. Let’s Keep It Healthy!

Cruelty Free

Here’s the truth: animal experiments are archaic and unnecessary.

  • They’re wildly inaccurate when predicting results in humans.
  • More than 90% of drug trials that make it through animal experiments never make it to market.
  • Major industries like cosmetics have almost entirely replaced animal testing with more effective and efficient alternatives, while making sure our beauty products don’t harm us.

Parkii Organic Skin Care has never, nor will ever test on animals. We love our furry family members and furry friends!

USDA Organic Certified

Why we choose the prestigious USDA Organic Certified seal. The NOP “National Organic Program” has the strictest regulations which govern the lifecycle of organic food and personal products. From the soil they grow in, to cultivation methods, to the handling and the final processes for use. Which means, they are free of synthetic chemicals; pesticides, fertilizers, herbicides, GMO’s and toxic preservatives.

Your Skin​

Our skin is the largest and thinnest organ we have. Our skin very easily absorbs whatever we apply to it. Ingredients in our skincare products, healthy or unhealthy, flow directly through our skin and into our bloodstream making it’s way to our delicate organs where they eventually accumulate. Unlike food, there are no federal regulations for skincare products, any company can claim its product is “natural” or “organic”.

To bear the prestigious United States Department of Agriculture, USDA Certified Organic Seal a product must contain at least 95% organically produced ingredients. The remaining ingredients are not available organically but have been approved by the NOP.