Salt Stone Deodorant Bar


24 Hour Protection. Calms. Eliminates Odor.

Wellness Salt Stone – 100% Pure, Completely Free of ALL Harmful Chemicals and Additives. Wellness Salt Stone prevents body odor for up to 24 hours, for Men, Women, and Teens. The most effective body deodorant.

NO ALUMINUM CHLORHYDRATE – a neuro-toxin, can alter the blood brain barrier, swells, clogs skin cells together.
No Chemical Additives
No Perfumes
No Solvents
No Parabens
No Popyls
No Alcohol
Non Staining

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How to Use

Moisten the stone and apply generously to clean skin. The stone works by eliminating bacteria growth which is the cause of body odor. By eliminating bacteria we eliminate unwanted odor.


*Mineral Salt – (Potassium Alum)

*Denotes Organically Produced Ingredients
*Certified Organic Ingredients: 95-100%
To enhance and enrich our organic skin care we ethically hand harvest wild botanicals from our certified organic wild forest.